What Could Go Wrong?

What could go wrong? EVERYTHING. Inveterate worriers Jeremiah and Krissy discuss what can — and will — go wrong in a given situation. Moderator Jeff steers the doom bus and keeps the tangents manageable.

We update every Monday. There will be a heat-death of the universe, and it will be on a Monday. You will be able to hear us tell you how the ending of all things could go wrong as you sit at your desk, streaming this podcast, pretending to work.

If you have pressing matters that require prompt pessimism, you may beseech our wisdom here.

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    What Could Go Wrong With Tents

    We were on tenterhooks when we were contemplating What Could Go Wrong With Tents. Things got pretty intense. Not gonna lie. Also, check out tent caterpillars and how disgusting they are.

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    What Could Go Wrong With Stimulants

    We worked on this episode all night long and it's fine we're not even tired at all we hope you like it YOU DO LIKE THIS EPISODE DON'T YOU IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU LIKE IT WE WORKED SO HARD ON IT AND WE'LL NEVER SLEEP AGAIN

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    What Could Go Wrong With Birds

    This week we talk turkey! listens to headset Just a moment, I'm getting reports that we do not actually talk about turkeys. But we do talk about birds. And a pigeon that is a spy!

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    What Could Go Wrong With Piercings

    When everything goes well with a piercing, you have voluntarily put a piece of metal through your skin. It goes downhill pretty gee dee quick.

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    What Could Go Wrong With Pants

    Listen, just because society forces us to wear pants if we go out in public doesn't mean we have to ignore the perils and dangers they pose.

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    What Could Go Wrong With Music

    If music be the food of love, play on; give me excess of it, that, surfeiting, the appetite may sicken, and so die. If it's got a beat and you can dance to it, even better, but you might throw out your back or something.

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    What Could Go Wrong With Neck Accessories

    What price are you willing to pay to be fashionable? Would you pay that price with your neck? What are you, some kind of neck millionaire?

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