What Could Go Wrong?

What could go wrong? EVERYTHING. Inveterate worriers Jeremiah and Krissy discuss what can — and will — go wrong in a given situation. Moderator Jeff steers the doom bus and keeps the tangents manageable.

We update every Monday. There will be a heat-death of the universe, and it will be on a Monday. You will be able to hear us tell you how the ending of all things could go wrong as you sit at your desk, streaming this podcast, pretending to work.

If you have pressing matters that require prompt pessimism, you may beseech our wisdom here.

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    What Could Go Wrong With Coats

    Save this episode for a cold rainy day, and then wear a blanket and an umbrella because it is literally about what could go wrong with coats and you shouldn't rely on coats while listening to it. Tempting fate, and all that.

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    What Could Go Wrong With Cell Phones

    Cell Phones are the most destructive piece of modern technology ever known since whatever was the previous most destructive piece of modern technology ever known. Digital watches? Lava Lamps? Doesn't matter. Cell Phones are where it's at now, in terms of scary bad thing tech.

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    What Could Go Wrong With Candles

    We worked so hard on this episode, we were burning the candle at both ends. Don't do that. There's so much wax and it burns.

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