What Could Go Wrong?

What could go wrong? EVERYTHING. Inveterate worriers Jeremiah and Krissy discuss what can — and will — go wrong in a given situation. Moderator Jeff steers the doom bus and keeps the tangents manageable.

We update every Monday. There will be a heat-death of the universe, and it will be on a Monday. You will be able to hear us tell you how the ending of all things could go wrong as you sit at your desk, streaming this podcast, pretending to work.

If you have pressing matters that require prompt pessimism, you may beseech our wisdom here.

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    Go Wrong

    Go Wrong

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    What Could Go Wrong With Chains

    Sometimes we feel a little rusty at this, but this week we connect the links about what could go wrong with chains.

    Listener discretion is advised, because we talk about chainsaw injuries a little bit and that's kind of gross.

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    What Could Go Wrong With Knobs

    Sure, you could turn this episode up when you tried to listen it, but then you'd be buying into the game the knobs want you to play.

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    What Could Go Wrong With Anniversaries

    If you listen to this episode exactly one year after its air date, then your timeline will collapse and this version of reality will never have existed. So clear you will not do that. Otherwise this episode wouldn't be here for your listening pleasure.

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    What Could Go Wrong With Coats

    Save this episode for a cold rainy day, and then wear a blanket and an umbrella because it is literally about what could go wrong with coats and you shouldn't rely on coats while listening to it. Tempting fate, and all that.

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    What Could Go Wrong With Cell Phones

    Cell Phones are the most destructive piece of modern technology ever known since whatever was the previous most destructive piece of modern technology ever known. Digital watches? Lava Lamps? Doesn't matter. Cell Phones are where it's at now, in terms of scary bad thing tech.

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    What Could Go Wrong With Candles

    We worked so hard on this episode, we were burning the candle at both ends. Don't do that. There's so much wax and it burns.

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    What Could Go Wrong With Tents

    We were on tenterhooks when we were contemplating What Could Go Wrong With Tents. Things got pretty intense. Not gonna lie. Also, check out tent caterpillars and how disgusting they are.

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    What Could Go Wrong With Stimulants

    We worked on this episode all night long and it's fine we're not even tired at all we hope you like it YOU DO LIKE THIS EPISODE DON'T YOU IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU LIKE IT WE WORKED SO HARD ON IT AND WE'LL NEVER SLEEP AGAIN

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    What Could Go Wrong With Birds

    This week we talk turkey! listens to headset Just a moment, I'm getting reports that we do not actually talk about turkeys. But we do talk about birds. And a pigeon that is a spy!

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    What Could Go Wrong With Piercings

    When everything goes well with a piercing, you have voluntarily put a piece of metal through your skin. It goes downhill pretty gee dee quick.

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    What Could Go Wrong With Pants

    Listen, just because society forces us to wear pants if we go out in public doesn't mean we have to ignore the perils and dangers they pose.

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    What Could Go Wrong With Music

    If music be the food of love, play on; give me excess of it, that, surfeiting, the appetite may sicken, and so die. If it's got a beat and you can dance to it, even better, but you might throw out your back or something.

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    What Could Go Wrong With Neck Accessories

    What price are you willing to pay to be fashionable? Would you pay that price with your neck? What are you, some kind of neck millionaire?

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    What Could Go Wrong With Scalpers

    Capitalism is the worst, obviously, but if you ever need to get that personal touch from the invisible hand, talk to a scalper.

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    What Could Go Wrong With Scars

    Scars are where you healed good enough, mostly. We talk about how scars happen, what they look like, and Jeremiah accidentally runs his mouth off about scars from abuse, so be careful if that isn't something you want to hear about.

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    What Could Go Wrong With Bottles

    If I could put time in a bottle that would be a horrible idea because bottles are nothing but problems.

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    What Could Go Wrong With Waiting

    It's probably best if you just skip this description and go straight to the episode. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

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    What Could Go Wrong With Hair

    We could have let our hair down for this episode but it would have been super dangerous.

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    What Could Go Wrong With Maps- LIVE!

    Maps paused in their efforts to confuse everyone ever long enough for Krissy, Jeff, and Jeremiah to meet up in Portland, Oregon. Thank goodness no one accidentally went to one of the other Portlands!

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    What Could Go Wrong With Waiting

    Some things are worth waiting for, and other's aren't, and you can't tell which is which until too late.

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    What Could Go Wrong With Office Supplies

    Listen up: go steal some office supplies, right now, and keep them close while you listen to this episode. If you're not watching them, there's no telling what trouble they can get up to on their own. Someone has to keep them safe, and that someone is you.

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    What Could Go Wrong With Eating

    Just because we have to do it to live doesn't mean we can't find ways to screw it up.

    Heads up: We totally talk about food and eating in this episode for jokes, and if that's not your jam, maybe check out the next episode?

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    What Could Go Wrong With Velcro

    You have to be careful or you will get hooked into a sticky situation that knocks you for a loop!

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    What Could Go Wrong With Paperwork

    Cross your eyes and dot your tees, because if you don't calamity will befall everything you care about, over and over again. Forever.

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    What Could Go Wrong With Scarves

    Your neck is one of your most vulnerable spots. Scarves almost always target then neck. Watch out for scarves!

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    What Could Go Right

    It's our 100th episode! We present what could go wrong with What Could Go Wrong, or for brevity's sake: What Could Go Right!

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    What Could Go Wrong With Robots

    T-1000, ED-209, IG-88. Sure, those scary number robots are all about your demise, but what about the insidious, nameless robots you share your home with? You should be careful. And scared. Scaredful.

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    What Could Go Wrong With Chores

    They're the things you have to do and you don't want to do them and we get that because we know that they can go HORRIBLY WRONG.

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    What Could Go Wrong With Windows

    If the eyes are the windows of the soul, are windows the eyes of the house? Why do houses have so many eyes?

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    What Could Go Wrong With Hats

    This isn't everything that could go wrong with hats. Just what we could think of off the top of our heads.

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    What Could Go Wrong With Clocks

    Tick, tock, tick, tock- clocks have a limited vocabulary but sometimes they say things we don't want to hear.

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    What Could Go Wrong With Offices

    Offices were mystical towers that Companies used to own, before they divested themselves of owning real property, and in these towers they would keep "employees." Employees were like contractors, but with better pay and benefits. It was a dark time, before . Ask your grandparents.

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    What Could Go Wrong With Robots

    Robots are just like us. Which is great, because we are perfect and made of metal and can crush everything that annoys us in our titanium alloy claws.

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    What Could Go Wrong WIth Mail

    Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays us from finding points of failure in your nationwide logistics service.

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    What Could Go Wrong With Countries

    There are a lot of countries. We talked about all of them, and this was a four hundred hour long podcast, but then

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    What Could Go Wrong With Trees

    If you don't clear-cut the Earth after listening to this episode, don't say we didn't warn you.

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    Bonus Track: MIC TEST

    Jeremiah had to make sure his mic worked. We're not really sure if it did.

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